Getting ready for MOAB

I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done on the Samurai recently.
Early this year I solved my windshield washer fluid sprayer problem. I had accidentally smashed the hose when I removed the windshield frame last summer.

I relocated the on board air compressor the passenger side fender and ran a hose to a quick disconnect through the grill.

I finished the seat swap last week. I started making mounts a certain way first. I planned on using some flat stock running between the sliders but quickly realized that it was going to be a lot of work and I no longer have easy access to a welder and instead ended up using some angle iron.

The way the sidekick seats bolt into the sidekick higher on the middle of the vehicle on the tranny tunnel and lower towards the door side. So I needed to cut the door side mounts down to sit even with the tranny side mounts. I mostly followed the guide on izook ( without the welding.
I used two inch masking tape as a guide.

I had to remove the fabric and foam on the sidekick seats and detach the back rest from the frame as well.

On the tranny side I utilized the mounting holes left from the sidekick sliders and bolted the angle iron the mount. I had to mount the door side angle iron a little differently. I drilled sideways into the remaining metal of the door side mount. I made a template to transfer the original Samurai seat slider holes to the angle iron I mounted on the sidekick seat frame.

I got the passenger seat finished after some struggle with the mounting holes. One of the previous owners had added some pipe flanges as seat risers and drilled through the mounting nuts in the tub.

During this I solved another problem. The original passenger seat for the Samurai had a cable that ran down to the slider mechanism that would allow the seat to slide forward automatically when you pulled the reclining lever. This was a complete assembly and I discovered that I could use the assembly from the samurai seat on the new sidekick seat.

I began the drivers side the same as the passenger side but the sliders on the drivers seat are a little different. The bolts on the drivers seat were going to interfere with the sliders.

I solved this by countersinking them.

The sliding mechanism was still in the way so I added some spacers anyway.

One of the previous owners insisted on the seat lift for the drivers seat as well and mangled up the rear most brackets.

I purchased a head gasket set and power steering kit from petroworks as well. I think I’ll hold off on the head gasket until after the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab because I’m not sure I can afford the machining (if necessary) and I feel pretty confident that the engine will survive for quite some time.

I removed the old steering box easily enough and installed the sidekick power steering box with the wedge from Petroworks.

I wasn’t expecting much trouble with steering shaft but apparently there were two nylon pins that I had to break to get the steering shaft to shorten so that the rag joint would be in the proper location. At some point I’ll eliminate the rag joint as well.

The relocation bracket for the pump was a little confusing but I eventually got it installed. I had to try two belts before finding one that worked well.

You might notice that one of the mounts on the pump is broken nearest the pulley. I think it’ll be ok though. This must have happened in the sidekick somehow.

I ran into some issues with the reservoir as well. I was expecting the reservoir to mount somewhere near the radiator like in the sidekick but I ended up making a new bracket and replacing the hoses with longer ones and mounting it in front of the air box.

After that was all done I installed new shocks as well!

I did an oil change yesterday and I hope to get around to changing the fluid in the transmission, transfercase and differentials before the trip to Moab as well but I’m not sure if I will.

I also need to wire in the new Oxygen sensor.

I need to weld on or get some bolt on recovery points for the rear and install the reverse lights I bought before Christmas. Almost done working on the Samurai before Moab though.

My son was born January 29th and he has been a welcome distraction for me but I’m excited to take him camping in Moab next month.

More updates soon!

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