Moab Adventure

I’ll try to catch you all up. I didn’t really do much to the Samurai since the last post. I installed a new oxygen sensor since it was supposed to be replaced at 80k and this engine had 140k when I pulled it from the sidekick. I also didn’t like how close the windshield wiper fluid reservoir sat to the air intake so I made a new mount for it to move it a couple of inches away from the intake. I used some 1″x.25″ aluminum I had lying around. At this time I also put in a new air filter, completing the tuneup.

Now I really wanted to show some Suzuki pride for this trip so I put some decals on the Samurai. I got some overlays for the Suzuki emblem on the grill from Dan Muskopf Designs

I used a brayer roller and heat gun to make sure it was pressed down nice since I had sprayed over the emblem previously with bedliner.

Also added some new jeep eater stickers (no pics, sorry)

This trip was a little different than our usual family camping trip. I had planned on camping 3 nights. 1 or two of those nights I was likely going to be camping on my own so I was actually left with some free space in the Samurai. I even considered taking out the passenger seat for the pelican cooler because I was going to be solo for wheeling and my family was going to be heading back to Grand Junction to wait for me to finish wheeling. I’m glad I left the passenger seat in and I’ll tell you why later.

The cooler and water jug were actually empty to save weight. I’d get groceries and water in Grand Junction.

Gassing up and Heading out!

Now we left Denver at noon, which happened to be when we had wanted to be getting to Grand Junction but we can’t ever leave on time…

Running so late we decided to spend the night in Grand Junction at the in-laws house. We got an early start Thursday and ended up pulling onto 128 around 3:30pm. Now don’t ask me why but I thought I could get away with a 3-wire sensor and it worked great for several hundred miles. I also decided to store a jug of oil under the hood that I think may have been pulling on some wires. Anyway. Just as we were pulling onto 128 the Check Engine Light started coming on. I was getting codes for MAF, O2 Sensor, IAT sensor. I moved the Jug of oil and the light went off. But I had a feeling about that o2 sensor.
Driving through Moab I saw tons of nice rigs! I saw the Chevy Tracker from the 2011 Ultimate Adventure! In the City Market parking lot I saw this nice Isuzu Trooper.

We ended up camping at Kane Creek campground just outside of Moab.

Now Abby is amazing with a sewing machine and is a great designer! She made our 2 month old son a sleeping bag/swaddle! Which he seemed to love! He did great camping!

Anyway. Long story short. After wheeling Secret Spire Friday the IAT and O2 Sensor codes came back. I didn’t get any pics of the Samurai wheeling but Secret Spire was a gorgeous trail.

The only damaged I did to the Samurai was I slightly bent the leaf spring mount.

The power steering performed great! The sidekick seats were extremely comfortable.

I stayed in town for the Red Rock Four Wheelers Easter Jeep Safari raffle and at 9:30pm that night with the raffle still going on and having not won anything myself I decided to call it and drove back to Grand Junction to spend the weekend with my family.

On Saturday I decided to replace the Intake Air Temperature sensor because I got the code for it. We drove the kids to the park in Grand Junction to meet up with a friend and afterwards went to the O’reilly Auto Parts for the sensor, which turned out to not fit (8v maybe). On our way back to the in-laws we got rear ended at red light. After sitting there for nearly a minute!. The driver of the truck said she was looking at other vehicles and thought we had started moving. From my perspective we got slammed into at a red light! We had the kids in the back seat but they were ok. We got hit hard enough for Abby’s glasses to fly off her face. Abby’s neck was hurting pretty bad and she went to the hospital with our son in the Ambulance. The in-laws showed up and gave me and my daughter a ride to the hospital after dealing with the police. Abby’s neck is still pretty sore but the kids seem to be just fine. My back was just a bit sore the next day but I don’t think I sustained any real damage.

My mother in-law offered to drive our camping gear down in her truck on Monday and after buying a new car seat for our son (I had one in the Samurai for my daughter) we loaded both kids in the Samurai and left Grand Junction, which happened to be my Sons first ride in the Samurai and Abby’s first real ride in the Samurai since the night she went into labor. We stopped in Glenwood Springs for a swim and got home pretty late Sunday night.

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