Reverse Lights

I forgot to give you all an update on the rear bumper reverse lights! I got these done before I went to Moab.

I started by removing the bumper from the Samurai and removing the tail lights.

Eventually I want to mount some shackle mounts and a hitch to the bumper so I made sure to leave room for those.

I used masking tape and measured the location of the lights from the center of the Samurai. I used a hole saw at all of the corners and a jigsaw to cut the rest of the metal from the bumper.

I used the opportunity to touch up the paint on the bumper and the swing for the tire as well.

I had some issues getting the lights to come on when I put the Samurai in reverse. Turns out that there is a plug under the hood from the reverse switch that I unplugged when I did the engine swap.

I really like the amount of light these put out and I think they look pretty good.

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