Front Winch Bumper – Overlanding/Camping Trailer Begins!

Well I’ve been getting a little work done.

I’ve got the base for the bumper project welded.

The Samurai had some brackets on the front of the frame already. For Recovery or tying it down on the boat it came over on or something.

So I had some free time at work one night and made some copies.

Once these were cut and drilled out I began mocking some stuff up.

I think I’ve got the beginnings of a winch bumper going.

We’re having some work load issues at my job and unfortunately they’re having to let some people go. The future of my job is a bit uncertain as well but I prefer to remain optimistic. Anyway, the welders last few days came around last week and he welded up the brackets to the plate which will make the base of the front Bumper. He’s also the same welder who welded the brackets for the rear bumper/tire carrier.

I’m using some 3/8″ bolts to attach it to the frame (Hey, I come across hardware for free at work but it’s mostly standard) and I’m using some 3/8″ drill bushings as the spacers for inside the frame. Which is about 44mm if you ever find yourself googling the inside width of the stock samurai frame.

Got it mounted late Saturday evening to see how it fits.

Going to get some u-bolts bent and Denver Spring soon to attach the bumper to the center tube/crossmember on the samurai frame to added support. Still want to get a winch before I start making more progress on this bumper. Wanting to go with the Stinger design.

Now for some other news!! I’ve had some craigslist alerts set up for quite a while now for a harbor freight haulmaster trailer and Friday morning (also PAYDAY) I got an alert for a small (40×48) haul master trailer for $150. I got the original samurai hitch bolted back on and went and took a look. I ended up nabbing it for $100! Towed it home and marveled at it for a while. A Tiny Trailer for a Tiny Truck!

Put it to use this Sunday as well to haul a play set and our grill from my sisters house.

Getting some ideas for it and crawling over expedition portals trailers subforum.

That’s it for now! Probably won’t do much to the trailer in the mean time. I’ll keep the frame the previous owner put on and we’ll probably load the camping gear on it for camping trips. The wiring is kind of horrible and I’ll need to re do it.

Also, this has made it very clear I need to get a hitch on the bumper.

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