Electric Fan and Seals!

I had been hearing a rattle for a while and I thought I narrowed it down to my fan clutch going bad. I wasn’t experiencing any overheating or anything but I decided to swap out my fan in favor of an electric one. I had been following some of the local Zuk guys on a Facebook group and they had posted a nice electric fan setup utilizing the fan from a Kia Spectra. With the rattle really worrying me and $100 gift card to Amazon I ordered the fan and a fan controller from Amazon. I was hoping to get the fan installed in time for a camping trip because I was worried about the rattle….. Turns out that rattle was the loosening frame side bolt from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter. I put off installing the electric fan for a week. I decided to go through with the swap because I had purchased the parts and formulated the plan.

The fan fits the stock Samurai radiator almost perfectly.

The fan has these squarish tabs on the passenger side that fit into some squarish holes in the some brackets I’d need to make. I chose to make them from Aluminum because it would be easier to drill some holes and square them up with a jigsaw and file. I got some brackets from work in the scrap bin to use.

The drivers side mounts were easier. I used a 3/4″ wide 1/8″ thick piece of flat stock aluminum for the bracket. I was able to use two holes from the original fan shroud mounting bolts.

I used some 1/2″ deep drill bushings as spacers for some bolts to mount the fan to the radiator on the drivers side.

The fan is a tight fit and I ended up finally removing the hood prop to move the radiator as far forward as I could. I never used the hood prop anyway.

In addition to getting this new fan off Amazon I just had to use a plug from a kia because I couldn’t stand the thought of using spade connectors to power it. I ran to the junkyard in search of a kia to still the fan plug/harness from and ended up leaving with a spare kia fan and the harness for it!

I used a hayden fan controller to control the fan. It uses a temperature probe that I conveniently installed into a spare port on the thermostat housing.

I got it all wired and through it all in front of the battery because I’m a lazy guy.

Fast forward a week later and I get emissions here in Colorado, and Pass!!

They didn’t even question the engine swap!

I’m going to the zoo with my kids and notice that my temperature gauge is too hot. My fan didn’t kick on. I immediately suspect the fan controller after parking and entering the zoo. After I hotwire the fan and get home I discover that the wire that powers the fan controller itself got smashed between my battery and fender. Kicking myself, I repair the wire and commit to improving the wiring in the area on the coming weekend.

I used some HDPE (cutting board material from the tailgate table project) to make some mounts for the Sidekick Fuse Block, fan controller and the ARB Compressor Relay.

We’ve been getting some decent rain here in Colorado lately and the Samurai leaks horribly. I suspect water is getting in under the windshield frame and the door seals leak as well. Either way your feet and knees get wet while driving in a heavy rain. I ordered a new lower windshield seal from Roadless Gear, which was a good 1/4″ thicker than the original and I was very hopeful that it would fix the leak.

The new door seals were more spongy and thicker than the old ones as well.

Pretty confident that I won’t be getting water in through the door seals anymore but the windshield frame is still leaking…

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