Welding and Road Tripping!

I got a welder for Fathers day from Abby and decided to start putting it to use. I finally got handles welded to the retaining nut on the tire carrier.

Now, it’s just the cheap Harbor Freight welder but it’s a start and I can start joining steel to steel. With that in mind I decided to tackle the rust hole in the back of the Samurai. I cut around the hole with a grinder and a dremel.

In the process of welding in the patch piece I discovered more rust closer to the side of the tub and hidden underneath the sealant they put over the joints.

This really had me beating my head against a wall. I was starting to consider just going for the virtual lift and welding in trailer fenders so I could finally clear some bigger tires. The area was too tight to get at with my grinder and the dremel just wasn’t the right tool for the job. I purchased a cheap body saw from harbor freight. The tool worked well and I was able to remove even more of the floor the tub behind the wheel well.

Now I’m honestly not sure how much of this is me being a poor welder or the fact that I have a poor 90 amp welder with no gas and I’m using flux core wire.
I smoothed the welds with a flap disk and slathered everything with some epoxy that Abby just happened to have out as she was building my daughter a bed.

Sprayed it with black spray paint and called it done.

With that project done it was time for our 4th of July adventure. I needed to take my kids to meet their Grandpa (my dad) in New Mexico. When I would go visit my dad in New Mexico we would go camping and fishing at Morphy Lake. We loaded the kids in the back of the Samurai and packed up the trailer and set off.

After having lunch with my Dad in town we set off to find a camp site at the lake much to our disappointment.

Oh well. We found a campsite nearby down a forest road. We had run into mud our whole way up to the lake and even more up to the campsite.

I had rigged some fishing rods to the roof rack with some zip ties so I suppose some fishing rod holders are in the works soon.

After doing some camping and fishing and meeting back up with my dad and grandma we headed back home to Colorado. About 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico we ran into trouble with the trailer. One of the tires blew. I guess it didn’t like being pulled at 75mph.

We had good luck though. The Tractor Supply store just happened to be open on the 4th and my dad was able to bring us two new trailer tires.

The entire trip went well and of course we couldn’t help but having one mishap with that blown tire. But the only nagging thing that I disliked about the trip was the soft top flap noise and the HEAT. Unfortunately I couldn’t take the doors off with the kids in the back so We had to leave them on which allows the samurai to get pretty warm. I think I need to really work on putting the air conditioning parts together for the Samurai. I really need to get serious about that. And I really want to find a hard top….

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