Sound Deadening The Samurai

I’ve been battling road noise in the Samurai. I thought that getting the hard top would get the noise down to what I’d consider a reasonable level for the road trips I take with the family.

I started out with purchasing an 8 pack of some 12×12 DEI Boom Mat. DEI states that 100% coverage isn’t necessary and that 25%-50% should yeild the same results.
I started by removing the seats and all the carpet. I cleaned the tub of the Samurai with simple green and paper towels.

I put one full sheet under each front seat and in each front floor pan. I put 2.5 sheets underneath the rear seat. I split one sheet and put half on each side of the transmission tunnel.

I reinstalled the carpet and drove it for a couple of days. This small amount of boom mat yielded some small but noticable results.
Enough that I felt justified to order another 8 pack of boom mat as well as DEI’s Under Carpet Light. A 48″x70″ sheet.

I added some more boom mat to each firewall, the top of the transmission tunnel beneath the heaterbox. I added some to the vertical surfaces above each wheel.
I split one sheet between both wheel wells. During this time my daughter was playing with my phone so I did not get many pictures of the added boom mat.
I started cutting the Under Carpet lite, focusing on the front of the samurai. I spend more time in here than my family since I drive it daily.

I placed a full sheet inside each door.

My daughter also helped me remove the seats this time around. Afterwards she hung around to play on my phone and keep me from taking pictures.

I used some cardboard to make a template for the transmission tunnel.

I tried to completely enclose the tranmission/transfercase tunnel with the undercarpert lite.

I had a nice piece leftover that almost covered the rear of the samurai underneath the rear seat so I begin reinstalling the carpet.

After all this work, which wasn’t much, this has yielded some significant results. I’m pretty happy with it.

I’m beginning to suspect some more transmission problems. I’ve been hearing a whine that goes away whenever I press in the clutch. I figured this was the throwout bearing.
Some more knowledgeable folks have said that it’s the input bearing so I believe I may be having louder than usual transmission noise.
My EGR Failure code has also been ever present for the last few weeks. I picked up another head because I suspect my headgasket may be failing too. Sweet smelling exhaust…

While I had the doors taken apart I decided to try swapping in the window channel from the same 4dr sidekick from the junkyard that I got the head from. It’s ok.

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